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Our company started out in 1987 manufacturing leisure canoes and kayaks.

After a few years we started making racing sailboats, first catamarans Class A, an open class boat where R&D has allways been the name of the game with very few constraints, only length and sail surface.

This was the entry to an exciting world of developments in the area of vacum construction and materials. Later on we started developing and producing other catamarans and racie sailboats developing new production methods and designing sails.

In the 90's we developed various projects in the area of Ocean research, for example even a prototype submarine for Center of National Researc when we started using CAD CAM to develop our models.

During all these years we strengthened our knowhow in hydrodynamics. 

Starting 1999 we dedicated all our time to designing and manufacturing Ocean Racing vessels, Va'a and various types of kayaks applying our knowhow in the field of sea sports and hydrodynamics.

In 2013 we started manufacturing also the Olympic K1 "Aria", developing not only the gliding line but also a revolutionary footrest and seat that can be adjusted while sitting in the boat. 

Stainless steel parts are designed and manufactured with CAD CAM and lazer cut which allow us to obtain an extremely high quality product with no space for error. 




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