The CX by now is an Allwave classic. It entered the market in 2010 and immedeately made a strong impression for its technical characteristics. It is a boat for experts but is surprisingly stable and easy to handle even in rough seas. 

The CX project was conceived with the objective to allow the paddler to apply maximum power in all conditions. This goal which is what all manufacturers are aiming for was successfully reached and the result is a boat that allows maximum speed in all conditions from frentic short waves to ocean swell as well as on flat water. The generous front keeps the boat from diving into the front wave but without being too big. The CX is narrow at the catch which allows a powerful paddle without interference between boat and paddle.
The seat is comfortable and stable and allows perfect control of the boat. The floating line is very long which in turn gives the boat a very high maximum speed.  

The boat comes with the unique Allwave footrest adjustment which allows you to make fine adjustments even when seated on the water.

The slick CX baffled the entire Ocean Racing environment at Eurochallenge in Alicante when Simon Van Gysen beat everyone and brought the CX to the top spot. Since then in its various evolutions the CX has been a regular top spot boat in Ocean Races races around the world. In Italy where there is a strong tradition in Ocean Racing and quite a few events you rarely will see a podium without a proud CX paddler 



640 cm


42,8 cm


Sandwich sottovuoto di vetro con rinforzi in carbonio kg 13,5


Sandwich sottovuoto in carbonio kg 11


This is one of the most exciting new skis I’ve ever paddled. It’s clearly for advanced paddlers – but it seems fast and catches runs with alacrity. I’d like to see a version slightly wider (and less tippy). In my opinion, this ski ranks up there with the rest of the “elite” level skis… If you can get your hands on one, definitely include it in your list of skis to try out. In particular women and men of lighter build may find this a particularly agreeable ski – it’s light, has low volume and a narrow cockpit.

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