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The DNA - elite level racing boat for experts - is the latest arrival on the high level competitive scene in Ocean Racing. It builds on the proud tradition of the CX. 

The DNA is unique, fast in all conditions, excellent manouvrability. Compared to the CX it will keep you dryer even in rough seas thanks to the slightly higher bucket edges. The point of gravity has been moved slightly forward and so is the rudder in order to keep good steering avoiding that the rudder comes out of the water while on the crust of a wave.

It immedeately made it to the world top spots with Jackson Collins on the podium   in the first 4 world series races 2019 and Cado Barnes on first and second spot in over 40. If you are looking for a very special and fast Surfski then you must try the DNA, it is an amazing experience.



640 cm


42 cm

"Hybrid" 14,5 kg

"CORSA" 10.5 kg

"Leggera" 9.3 kg

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