Allwave Helium outrigger was designed to obtain the maximum performance in the open sea with athletes weighing less than 70 kg. However it is very fast in calm waters even with heavy weights. Since its introduction it had won all women's races and is often ranked on the podium in the men's category. The slightly accentuated rocker gives an important speed, without compromising its agility in the waves. The seat in hypoallergenic material is designed forlong races in maximum comfort.

Therea re three height adjustments of the hook in the stern, according to the weight of the athlete. In the blanket behind the seat there is a non-slip mat with elastic bands, to insert the camelback, or other accessories. The shape of the Iakos is designed to obtain maximum rigidity with the lowest weight. In the seat there are the emptyers for the elimination of water.


638 cm


38 cm


Sandwich sottovuoto di vetro con rinforzi in carbonio kg 13,5 ama kg 2,2


Sandwich sottovuoto in carbonio kg 11,5 ama kg 1,8

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