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The allround surfski for intermediate and skilled paddlers. At 520cm length and 50cm width it is easy to carry around and transport. The design concept was to maximize the performance and minimizing the space. The front has a generous volume which prevents the boat from diving into the next wave, narrow width at the height of the catch and practical handles in front and rear. It comes with the un ique Allwave fottrest adjustment which allows you to adjust the position while you sit in the boat on the water. 
The  Mistral moves around superbly on the waves and has great speed on flat water which allows the boat to partecipate in races besides KS kayaks.



520 cm


50 cm


"Hybrid" Fiberglass Vacum Sandwich with carbon reinforcements:14.5 Kg

"Corsa" Carbon Vacum Sandwich 11.5 Kg

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