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The new beautiful OUTRIGGER for athletes above 70kg and above. The boat is 642cm. The new bucket will give you additional feeling on the waves. The empty space around the feet has been reduced to a inimum in order to reduce the amount of water that stays in the area on a rough day. The new bailers give very little resistance and emties the bucket in few seconds. 

The height of the ama is adjustable according to the sea conditions and the weight and ability of the athlete and the mounting mechanism is quick, simple and sturdy. The seat position is easilly adjustable according to the height of the athlete.  The seat is made of anti-allergic expanded polimer and manufactured with CNC machines. The IAKOS are in anodized alluminium and the rudder cables are in SPECTRA material in order to avoid corrition and keep the weight at a minimum. The rudder is lightweight and offer maximum steering and little water resistance.

Gare di ocean race di tutti i tipi, ottima velocità in acqua piatta e ottime prestazioni in downwind.



642 cm


39 cm

Hybrid: fiberglass vacum with carbon reinforcements: kg 14 ama kg 2,2


Carbon vacum kg 12 ama kg 1,8

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