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Allwave Vanguard has been designed for official competition according to IVF rules and thereby conforms to all the parameters and constraints of the International Federation. Since some years the Olympic comitee has decided to utioize these boats for paralympic races without changes to existing rules, the only ecception beeing that the Ama must be fixed at both ends.

At the first World Championship race the desired result with top spot in Poznan, then the European championship title in Portugal and then 2013 at the World Chamipinship where 3 Va'a were at the podium and 5 were in the final heat, of course first of all due to the capabilities of the SAthletes but surely it tells you that the Vanguard is a fast boat. 

It is available in 3 materials, all vacum sandwich: classic 15kg built to IVF races rules ,, 10kg for line races on flat waterand not built for sea waves, Corsa 10kg for line races but with 5kg added it  can be utilized also in IVF ocean races. 


730 cm


42 cm

CLASSIC: Vacum sandwich fiberglass  kg 15

IBRIDA: Vacum sandwich with carbon reinforcements: kg 10


Vacum Sandwich in carbon kg 10

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